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Climbing Walls

Kumiki Climbing walls are build-to-suit by our talented team of designers and installers. With 28 years in the climbing market and over 10,000 climbing walls sold, we have the level of experience to help you achieve your goals.

The Kumiki Climbing climbing wall surface consists of a base layer of Baltic birch plywood with a customer selected architectural wood veneer. The patent-pending, durable clear surface allows the wood grain to show through the texture.

The climbing surface is held to a structural steel frame by the patent-pending Kumiki Climbing panel connectors. This keeps the steel portion of the climbing wall away from the surface, so you can use screw on hand holds and volumes anywhere on the wall without hitting the steel sub-structure. Further, this design adds to the aesthetic appeal of the climbing wall because no mounting hardware is visible from the face of the panels.

The system is also pre-manufactured in our facility which keeps the impact on your facility small. Because the wall is pre-fabricated, there is little cutting and dust on-site. This also allows us to install closer to the end of the overall construction project so the finished product is less likely to get dirty or become damaged by other contractors that are on site. We can also do a site visit and laser measure the site before fabrication to assure a perfect fit. 

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