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EverActive®️ Climbing Wall - 8' Wide

EverActive®️ Climbing Wall - 8' Wide

EverActive®️ Climbing Wall - 8' Wide


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Product Features:

  • 8’x12’ + 1’ Kicker (Above 12” Landing Surface)
  • Angles range from 0˚-65˚
  • Easy Assembly, Fast Installation
  • LED Lighting System Compatible
  • Uses Standard Electric Outlet
  • Optional Landing Surface Available

Available Options:

  • Frame Color - Black, Red or Blue. Custom upgrades also available.
  • Panel Color - Clear, Black or Gray. Custom upgrades also available.
  • T-nut patterns - Tension, Moon, Kilter or Spray.
  • Optional 12” riser also available.
  • Free-standing upgrade available.
  • We recommend 12” deep flooring under your EverActive Adjustable Wall. We can provide Cordura® covered flooring at an additional cost in a multitude of colors.


  • Powder-coated Frame
  • T-nutted Panels - Painted or Clear-coated
  • Electronics for movement (actuators, control box and remote)
  • All assembly and mounting hardware.
  • Assembly, installation and maintenance instructions.
  • Angles range from 0˚-65˚
  • Panels are made from durable, Baltic birch and can be drilled out for the t-nut pattern of any major training board with or without LED light holes.
  • Anchors to 4” concrete floor with specialized concrete anchors. Freestanding version also available.
  • Installs in roughly 2-3 hours with three people and can be unassembled and reinstalled in different locations if new anchors are used when moving.
  • Uses linear electric actuators for movement - no hydraulic fluid used.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Uses standard electrical outlet for power.

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Side View 

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