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Kumiki Climbing Puzzle

A Kumiki is a Japanese interlocking wood puzzle. Like the artists that create these small, intricate masterpieces, we approach all of our volumes and hand holds with artistry and precision.

We see routesetters as creative puzzle makers and design unique pieces that allow them to craft routes that are challenging, enigmatic and inspired.


Our Team

We are excited to use our abilities to bring you the most unique climbing hand holds and the best climbing volumes we can. Our talent includes a USA Climbing Level 5 Certified Routesetter, a CWA Certified Instructor, and a Project Manager with 7 years in the climbing industry and 28 years in custom woodworking. 

Kumiki Hand Holds are proudly produced at Aragon Elastomers in the following standard colors.

Kumiki Volumes are made in our Minnesota-based facility.